PUMP logos, and promo materials are available - from the links below - for media and promotional purposes.

  Pink:  PDF file (vector/high-resolution)  png file (1200x610 pixels/transparent background)

  Black & white:  PDF file (vector/high-resolution)  png file (1200x610 pixels/transparent background)

  PUMP poster:  PDF file (11" x 17")  

  PUMP email promo:  jpg file (1000 x 647 pixels)  

If you require a different file formats than provided here: please email

Press Telegram 8/30/2017
Here’s what we know about the just-announced PUMP arts festival coming to Long Beach

Press Release 2 - August 30, 2017
PUMP: Artists Announced

Press Release 1 - June 20, 2017
PUMP: Public Urban Multi-Sensory Presentations: a conduit for creative interaction article - Oct 2, 2016
Art Groups Announce PUMP, Long Beach's First Multisensory Arts Festival