Alexander Onley

The large-scale oil on canvas paintings by Alexander Onley are born from his own travel photographs - used as subject matter for a series of drawings, from which the painting process begins. This method allows Alexander to understand the subject clearly and enables him to propose the analogies that are his abstractions of environments both natural and man-made. Humanity's complex relationship to Environment is both temporal and timeless. Alexander's work is an individual formal approach to that relationship.

"Solvang II" and "Solvang III" are two from a series of six paintings based upon photos of the countryside surrounding the Danish-modeled town of the same name, in Santa Barbara County. "Viaduct II" is the 5th and latest painting completed in what will be twelve works from photos in and outside of London, England.

Onley is showing at Co-Op Gallery and Studio on opening night, October 7th from 5pm to 10 pm with Katie Stubblefield, Jennifer Gunlock & Hilary Norcliffe's Timber/Timbre.

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

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