Art Park, 150 Elm Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

Big Epoch

Big Epoch uses a blend of bent gear and hardware to craft his beat-centric tones. An experienced warrior of the LA noise scene you can expect his set to deliver big surprises!

Big Epoch is part of phog masheeen's Club Bit Map taking place the the East Village Art Park, a night of experimental music and beats.


Potar is a local wonder of Circuit Bending. For those unfamiliar with bent circuits, circuit bending is the artful rewiring of consumer electronics so that it malfunctions in interesting ways and produces interesting sounds as a result. Potar have been at the vangard of this movement and from time to time taught classes on circuit bending.

Potar is part of phog masheeen's Club Bit Map taking place the the East Village Art Park.

wikiGong is an artists' collective dedicated to cataloging the sounds of large public structures for creative purposes, such as assembling virtual instruments. Its guiding metaphor is the Indonesian gamelan ensemble. Like its sonic raw material, wikiGong's work bends toward the built environment and our reactions to it: toward place, community, and history.

The Dirty Chaps

The Dirty Chaps are comprised of 2 musicians, one performing on keyboard-based synths, the other with a guitar-based synth, various additional devices. They also incorporating iPads as instruments, utilizing the latest sound-creation apps. We will giving visitors to the Pump a chance to try out the iPads. They have some wonderful exchanges with members of the public joining in with what they happen to be doing at the time, completely Spur of the Moment.

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