The Icehouse, 625 W Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90813

Icehouse exhibits are available to view during performances taking place there on opening night, October 7th, 5pm to 10pm and closing night, October 21st 5pm to 10pm.

Exhibits at The Icehouse:

NewTown Arts

NewTown is a dedicated consortium of accomplished professional artists and artist/administrators – musicians, dancers, film and video makers and visual artists – all of whom donate their time to ensure new creative opportunities for their colleagues throughout Southern California.

Beck and Col Stafford

Los Angeles-based artists Beck and Col Stafford use humor and chaos to examine the crisis of human exceptionalism. Through costume-based performance and video, their work explores alternate universes populated with monsters who obsess over humanity and emulate its dominant attributes. Within these universes, Beck and Col analyze humanity’s construction of sexualized, racialized and naturalized others.

Ting Zhang & Sahy Uhns

Ting Zhang is originally from Beijing, China, now living in Los Angeles. She is a video designer graduated from CalArts School of Theater Video for Performance in 2016. From 2009 to 2012, she was working in the film industry as a visual effects artist, now she is particularly interested in inventing new forms of digital arts for performance and interactive installation, her work always immerse the audience into unique and uncanny experiences.

Margaret Noble

Margaret Noble’s experimental artworks have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her interdisciplinary work resides at the intersection of sound, sculpture, installation and performance. She holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of California, San Diego and an MFA in Sound Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Noble has created sound works for collaborative projects in video, dance and object theatre. Her artistic works have now evolved into sculpture and installation influenced by interests in memory, history, narrative, and identity.

Rosalie M. López

Rosalie M. López is an LA based artist whose artwork involves reforming cultural iconography using photographs gathered from her family and community. Her content often highlights influential figures or places to recognize the strength and influence of Los Angeles communities while also speaking about cultural and social expressions. She primarily uses printmaking, papel-picado, installation, and the altar/offering to relay experiences of survival, loss, and hope.

Olga Lah

Olga Lah is a site-specific installation artist based in Long Beach. She constructs monumental works using the accumulation and repetition of materials. Her work points to ideas on memory, time and transcendence.

Aqueous is an immersive installation made from hundreds of yards of mylar. The work invites viewers to descend into a sensory space and to rise from the experience with a renewed perspective and awareness.

Made of Hagop

Made of Hagop is a self-taught mixed media collage artist living in Venice Beach. His work is an exploration in the concept of synergy: the creation of a whole that is greater that the simple sum of its parts. The source materials of his work come from books and materials dated from the early 1800’s to 1900’s , and are retrieved from public domains and libraries from around the world.

Brittany Mojo

Brittany Mojo was born and raised in New Jersey. She received her BFA in Ceramics from California State University, Long Beach and received her MFA from UCLA in 2016. Brittany is a founding member of Grab Bag Studio in Long Beach as well as an active member of the artist collective, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles.

Takeshi Kanemura

Southern California-based artist Takeshi Kanemura was born in Okinawa, Japan, and lives and works in Los Angeles. He received a BA from University of California, Riverside, an MA from California State University, San Bernardino, and an MFA from Claremont Graduate University.

Lauren Ruth

Lauren Ruth is a multidisciplinary artist whose sculpture and performance works engage issues social ritual, participation, and the body. Ruth has exhibited at venues including the Corcoran College of Art + Design, the Delaware Contemporary, and Root Division in San Francisco. Ruth’s artistic collaboration, The Shaft, has performed across the country at venues including the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Soap Factory in Minneapolis, and the Koban Project in Baltimore. Ruth holds an MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BA in Studio Art from Dartmouth College.


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