Sound Art Performance

Skunk Puppet

Skunk Puppet rides the sonic waves of the laptop variety. Using a carefully chosen batch of apps Skunk Puppet creates an angry zoo of unimaginable beasts who's voices fly from the speakers.

Big Epoch is part of phog masheeen's Club Bit Map taking place the the East Village Art Park.

Big Epoch

Big Epoch uses a blend of bent gear and hardware to craft his beat-centric tones. An experienced warrior of the LA noise scene you can expect his set to deliver big surprises!

Big Epoch is part of phog masheeen's Club Bit Map taking place the the East Village Art Park, a night of experimental music and beats.


Potar is a local wonder of Circuit Bending. For those unfamiliar with bent circuits, circuit bending is the artful rewiring of consumer electronics so that it malfunctions in interesting ways and produces interesting sounds as a result. Potar have been at the vangard of this movement and from time to time taught classes on circuit bending.

Potar is part of phog masheeen's Club Bit Map taking place the the East Village Art Park.

Cannibalistic Caterpillar

Cannibalistic Caterpillar is a sound and vision project by Justin Scheid and Brian Akenoh. The group utilizes live projections, analog and digital synthesis, guitar pedals, homemade noise boxes, and live sampling to deliver intense and spontaneous improvisatory performances. Though primarily a duet, guest collaborators are not uncommon. The group is based in Long Beach, CA.

Cannibalistic Caterpillar performs as part of SynthLab.

Pablo Bert

Pablo Bert is an electronic musician and mathematician from Long Beach. Pablo got his start as a chiptune/IDM DJ in 2003. Now he spends most of his time playing with synths and twiddling knobs. He prefers producing without a computer and plans to perform at PUMP for the first time on an all hardware synthesizer and sequencer setup.

Bert performs as part of SynthLab.

Jesse Nason

Jesse Nason is a California native that has been playing keyboards and drums in various bands in the OC/LA area, including Deccatree, AM and currently with Perfect Beings. He is a collector of sounds, and modular is the next target on the checklist. Some of his influences for synth based music are Tom Morello, Pink Floyd, Alessandro Cortini, Suzanne Ciani and Brian Eno. He is a fan of melody, drones, and noise coordination.

Rob Brown and Davy Sumner

Rob Brown and Davy Sumner, both artists and sound engineers, will create a soundtrack for the basement of the Icehouse expanding upon the natural reverberation of sound in the space by emphasizing time, space, tempo, and the experience of moving through both simultaneously.


Produced by FLOOD in partnership with:

Arts Council for Long BeachMillworksPort of Long BeachIce House Arts Complex Long BeachLong Beach Community FoundationWork Evolution Laboratories