Performance Art

Sam Medeiros

In a designated space, Sam Medeiros will take on challengers with a handmade wooden chess board requiring participants to drive the knife-like chess pieces into the board with each advancement. This game emphasizes psychological distinctions between participants and viewers.

Sam Medeiros is part of Michael Nannery’s Mind Games – Group Exhibition.

Ihab Ali

Ihab Ali's PUMP performance involves walling off a section of the Icehouse basement using bricks. Visitors will be unable to access a portion of Ihab's installation as the evening progresses.

Common Sense

"Common Senses", an original aural and visual concept by Martin Espino, explores the 5 Senses by performing ambient and groove oriented music along with Video Digital Artist, William Almas and Cinematographer, Ivan Cordeiro. The three artists will interpret the senses around Eating and Food, of Taste and Smell and also incorporate the Sounds of various restaurants, local eateries, chefs. The artists seek to use all of the other sense, through their performance, to inspire cravings for food. PUMP Patrons are invited to participate on instruments provided by the artists.

Cathy Hsiao

Cathy Hsiao came from a background in craft, specifically weaving animal fibers dyed with plants, raised by a devout Buddhist mom. “Plant and Animal Studio” keeps this name as a token to these histories. Her current practice embeds an intimate politics of rhythm and ritual to translate cultural languages and create new ones. To that end she creates multi-narrative works in sculpture, sound, weaving, photography and video that switch codes depending on context. Many of her processes are grounded in craft practices from Asian textiles such as weaving and natural dyeing.

Johnny Shield

Johnny Shield's grandfather made an adventure across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States during World War II, his mother went on a journey backpacking through Europe in the 1970s, and now he embarks on his pilgrimage into the depths of art. Channeling the traditional American pioneering spirit, Johnny aims to conquer ideas that appear unconquerable to him. He physically uses and sometimes alters his body and the physical art gallery to express concepts relating to what it means to be an artist and a contemporary consumer of art. 

Beck and Col Stafford

Los Angeles-based artists Beck and Col Stafford use humor and chaos to examine the crisis of human exceptionalism. Through costume-based performance and video, their work explores alternate universes populated with monsters who obsess over humanity and emulate its dominant attributes. Within these universes, Beck and Col analyze humanity’s construction of sexualized, racialized and naturalized others.


DREAM WALKER is an interdisciplinary creative artist group that creates new artistic experiences by bringing together emerging professionals from various nationalities and fields of practice. We believe the performing arts can create an extraordinary connection between artist and audience capable of making the world a better place. We dream a world where people, art, and technology are truly harmonized.

Takeshi Kanemura

Southern California-based artist Takeshi Kanemura was born in Okinawa, Japan, and lives and works in Los Angeles. He received a BA from University of California, Riverside, an MA from California State University, San Bernardino, and an MFA from Claremont Graduate University.

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